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Please comment to be added!

I added you on greatest journal, or whatever it is, &^%#@!! but here i yam until we see where this is all going.

Can you believe this?
It's ridiculous. I had this little image in my head cycling to work this morning, about an "LJ" with machine guns gunning down little groups of red dots (indicating fandom fans in communities), blowing the comms apart, laughing manically, but then suddenly being surrounded by thousands of those red dots, all angry, who all at the the same time bring out guns of their own and shoot the LJ down.

Live Journal has no idea its just commited sucide by doing this.
Starrose! D: I suddenly realized that you made your journal friends only xD

Please add me ^___^
Added! ^_^
hey, ya, that livejournal situation that's occuring is really freaking messed up and just so bloody annoying. i wish people would just let it be. these people trying to make society "better" are everywhere. this one little kid on youtube posted a video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uaPVKfFfCM) that actually bashed my video and linked back to it. in the video he rants (and not very eloquently i must say) about how my video is disgusting and that i am ruining harry potter by this. he also tells everybody to comment on my video and tell me what a loser i am. i mean jesus, i work hard to make this video and people like them just make me feel terrible after. kinda reminds me of the live journal deleting thing cause a lot of people may lose readers if they get their livejournal/communites deleted. but anyways does anybody know how to deal with this guy? i mean he's linking to me and everything.
I commented on that video. Man that boy has no idea what he's trying to fight against. I hope he sees my videos, in fact I hope he makes another video and mentions me, then i can give it to my thousands of subscribers and let them eat him alive.
Starrose, love to read your entries and I adore DanRad. An add would be great, thanks!
Added! ^_^ *waves*
*comments to be added* I hope ;o) I miss reading your entries, my friends page just isn't the same!
Added! ^_^
Hiya, I thought I was friended before, but oops...
I'd like it if you friended me, cos your posts are usually either funny or random, or both :)
And you seem to know all there is to know about Daniel Radcliffe, which is always a bonus on a flist!
If you don't know who I am because I haven't commented on anything (I'm sure I did, but it might have been a little while ago...) I will be updating my userinfo once my exams are over, so you will know I am actually a fandomer-type-person. The feeling of community during the strikethrough was amazing, but the consequences are quite inconvenient ^_^
Added! ^___^
I haven't really comented on your stuff before, but I would love it if you friended me. I find your journal fascinating. Thanks.
Added! ^_^
Awwwww I loved reading ur posts Plz add me
*Puppy dog eyes*
Added! ^_^
I am a huge fan of your videos, they are so bloody funny they leave me in stitches every time I watch them. Music and visual timing is perfect & makes HP sexy as all hell!!! (Sexier, I should say, as they have scenes in there that are SO out there it's priceless!!! Only... unintentional... Draco striding up to Harry & SO checking him out!!!!!!!)

I added you as a friend, hope you don't mind!!

What IS the deal I keep hearing about Journals being flagged/whatever if someone finds their stuff offensive? Do people disregard warnings & STILL read then flame?

It makes a person want to lock their Journal to Friends Only if they haven't already.


Sure thing! I added you back ^_^

And this LJ thing isn't about people flagging, it's that LJ is cracking down on any accounts that have any to do with hurting children sexually, which meant a lot of HP comms got shut down because of the whole slash/under age thing. Most HP fans have no friend-locked there journal so the LJ spies going aorund can't read them.
I love your icon "Harry Potter ~ Hair" It is SO fucking appropriate!!!!!!!!There's also the deal with the Weasley twins, their hair in the last movie was sexy as hell but this one coming up?! OUCH!!!! Short UTTERLY clashes with their faces & overall look.

But, yeah, Dan...

Utterly droolable Dan who looks fucking good fully clothed & fully naked & every-shitting-thing in between. Not too many actors can seriously boast of that.


hehe, have you seen the pictures of dan i put in my last post then? XD
Hi Starrose.

Well it seems peeps are just asking you to add them in order to get to read your fascinating posts so I though I might as well lol. You don't know me I'm afraid, though been a fan quite excactly a year now, :)(Which Hogwart's boy is gay so rocks!!!). Love your vids and fics and your daily updates, you really have words under your control so to speak, xD. I studied last year in England (I'm from Finland lol) and it was mostly thanks to you and your hehe rather fanatic posts of the play that I managed to go and see Equus *and yes - there are not enough words to describe how über impressed she was*. Bloody fantastic - he is so amazingly talented and well shaped lmao, xD. Hehe, so I'm quite shy and never really dared to comment on anything of your productions but the misery of not to be able to read your entries here is just too much to handle!!! So could we be friends?

*reads the comment*

Do I sound like a stalker, o_O?

*is a bit concerned*

lol I've had more stalker-ish sounding people than that ;). Sure i'll friend you! It's only cos of this stupid lj strikethrough business that i've friended my journal in the first place.

XD And i like the thought that my Equus obsessive posts have made people go and see it XD.

As you are now a friend, you'll have access (if you haven't already), to my Equus MP3 recordings here: http://starrose17.livejournal.com/355318.html
HI by Anonymous :: Expand
HI by Anonymous :: Expand
Just friended you because I was curious about your review of 16-02; was in the audience myself that night, and just wanted to know what someone else thought about that first night...
Sure thing ^_^, and my rewview was here: http://starrose17.livejournal.com/299420.html
love your story, add me? puppy dog eyes and begging?
lol Sure thing, just add me back ^_^
Hi Hon..

Look for Dennis Quade this sounds like The Day After Tommorow. Didn't see it See it now. LOL BTW how did things go with Mum and the videos

Love D&T
Could you add me please? I'm old enough and all that jazz..so no worries there..
Added! ^_^ Now just add me back.