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(sorry for the formatting, LJ is crapping everything up right now. Will be sorted out later)

Please join my Harry Potter video community for updates on all my videos!: starrose_hpvids

Please join my Anime video community for updates on all my videos!: starrose_amv

(starrose_amv also holds my X-Men: First Class and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic videos) 


1) DO NOT upload these videos anywhere else! This downloading option is ONLY here so you can view/keep my videos with better quality on your OWN computers.

2) DO NOT use my videos for clips for your own fan videos.  
I use a mix of Megaupload and Mediafire to host my videos.

X-Men: First Class
Casino Royale trailer (Erik as James Bond, Charles as his Bond!girl)
02) How To Train Your Shark trailer (parody of How to train your dragon, Eric as Toothless)

Anime videos:
01) Saint Beast - You Look So Fine (general bishonen love) 02) Gravitation - Don't Impress Me Much (Yuki/Shuichi) 03) Yami No Matsuei - Angel of Mine (Tsuzuki/Hisoka) 04) Yaoi Anime Bishonen - Kiss (featuring various bishonen from various yaoi animes) 05) Gravitation - You Make Me Feel Like A Whore (Yuki/Shuichi) 06) Yami No Matsuei - The Internet Is For Porn (Muraki/Tsuzuki) 07) Saint Beast - Everytime We Touch (Ruka/Rei, Yuda/Shin) 08) Kingdom Hearts - Kissed By A Rose (Riku/Sora) 09) Ouran High School Host Club - You Get Me (Tamaki/Haruhi) 10) Gravitation - Everywhere (Kitazawa/Yuki, Yuki/Shuichi) 11) Kyou Kara Maou - Promise (Murata/Yuuri, Shinou/Daikenja) 12) Kyou Kara Maou - Dude Looks Like A Lady  (crossdressing pretty boys) 13) Kyou Kara Maou spoof - Battlestar Galactica Cylons (spoof of Battlestar Galactica. Murata, Conrad and Wolfram are Cyclons. Features a little Wolfram/Yuuri) 14) Kyou Kara Maou: Dirty Little Secret (Yozak/Murata/Conrad) 15) Okami: Ghostbusters 16) Okami - Best Friend (Ammy/Issun) 17) Golden Boy - She Bangs 18) Gravitation - Growing on Me (Yuki/Shuichi)
19) Hetalia - Far Away (America/England) 20) Hetalia - Care Bears (All characters) 21) Hetalia - PWNED! (All characters) 22) Hetalia - PWNED 2! (All characters) 23) Hetalia - PWNED 3! (All characters) 24) Hetalia - Parody re-subbing of episode 32 - The Gay Porn Olympics (Roman Empire.Italy, Germany/Italy) 25) Ouran High School Host Club - The Broken Hearts Club trailer (All male characters, all gay). 26) Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - fan made trailer 
27) Hetalia - PWNED 4! (All characters) 28) Hetalia PWNED 5! (All characters) 29) Hetalia PWNED 6! (All characters) 30) Hetalia PWNED 7! (All characters) 31) Maiden Rose *18+* - I'm Amazed (Klaus/Taki) 32) Kyou Kara Maou - Tik Tok  (All characters) 33) Kyou Kara Maou - Eragon Spoof trailer  (All characters)
Harry Potter videos: Some of the videos are available to view online on YouTube by clicking here, but not all of them, due to copyright quite a few have been taken down.
Harry/Draco 05) I Like The Way 12) I Touch Myself 14) If You Were Gay 18) Irresistible 21) I Said Never Again 23) F**k! 28) The Ending of Book 7: Harry/Draco Style (made before the release of Deathly Hallows). 29) Die For You 36) For You I Will Harry/Ron 03) You're Gorgeous 04) One More Night 11) Why Can't I? (sequel video to One More Night) 15) I Love You 16) Long Long Way To Go 22) All You Wanted 25) It Just Did: The Trailer 27) Too Much To Ask   Harry/Snape 24) Fire (Sexy Dance) 35) You Make Me Feel Like A... Harry/Cedric 01) Memories 06) Dirty Little Secret General Slash 02) Which Hogwarts Boy Is Gay 07) Mad Eye - The Trailer 08) When You're Gay 09) Don't Impress Me Much 10) Chipmunk's Christmas 19) Naughty Boy 30) Diet Coke Advert 31) What's This? 37) The Boner Song General Non-slash 13) It's Not Easy Being Evil (Draco) 17) Pride Castle 20) Belle (does have a slight Harry/Draco overtone, but not enough to classify it as a slash video) 26) Pumpkin Pie 32) The Man Song Dedication Videos 33) The End of Harry Potter - The Ultimate Dedication Video (1st place in the Leaky Cauldron's "Potter Year in Summary" contest). 34) More Than It Seems - Order of the Phoenix Dedication 38) Mystery - Dumbledore Dedication

I love your videos! Thank you!
*bows* Thank you for liking them ^______^
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Untitled by Anonymous :: Expand
I really love your work! It's orginal, well done and daring! I just about died at the "Mad Eye" one. How creepy but oh so awesome. Would you mind telling me all the songs you used in that vid? I am sure I recognized some but the titles elude me and it's driving me insane. Thanks :)
lol Well, i could tell you, but i'm not going to be much help I'm afraid. The only song i can tell you for sure is Stand My Ground by Within Temptation. The piece of music before you hear that one is the beginning of another one of their songs but i lost the title to it. The first and last music is from one of the soundtracks to the anime Gravitation, but the titles are in japanese so i can't help you there, and the second piece of music you hear is again in japanese because it's from one of the soundtracks to the anime Yami No Matsuei.
im still having problems with the links. i clicked on 'dirty little secret' one and i go to oxyshare and i click on the 'get your file here' or watever and it tells me wait 30 sec then i can click the link i do and it sends me to the area where i can go to the download area
I absolutely adore "Don't Impress me Much". Brilliant execution!
lol Thank you!
Hey!! I really love your work *hearts*. I'm sorry to be a bother but would you mind telling me where I have to click on the oxyshare page in order to be able to download the files? I only see this:

You have requested the file: Harry Potter - Chipmunks.wmv
Size of file: 12.4MB
File has been downloaded: 61 times
Description: Haryr Potter - Chipmunks Christmas music video

and then it's all the blabla about how oxyshare came to be...

Thank you in advance!! *hugs*
i love ur work, but it's a little disturbing ... all about gay ppl ...

anyway, the best was the trailer of mad eye and the one about cedric and harry (memories) i like it :)

keep it up ;)
Irresistible by Anonymous :: Expand
I'm loving your vids. And thank you so much for putting the downloadable forms up. Everyone on my f-list has been talking about "if you were gay" and I'm having u tube issues. So glad to see what everyone was so excited about.
You're welcome ^__^ And thanks for watching! XD
Your videos are fantastic! I was rolling on the floor after watching "If You Were Gay". You put a huge smile on my face, thanks so much)))
XD You're welcome, and thank you for watching!
I love these video's so much but could you upload the Draco, Bad Boy one too? I love that one even more ^^;
*checks list* It's already there.
so great
and funny XD
thank's for making these and saving my evening. *laughs*
^____^ You're welcome!
I'm not seeing it...Do you have msn? If so, would it be possible to send me it? I really love it and wanna watch it alot more ^^;
lol It's right there! "It's Not Easy Being Evil."
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General downloading by Anonymous :: Expand
hello - im sorry to bother you but i was trying to download your harry/cadric memories vodeo because i love it so much. I followed the instructions, and when it says it has downloaded the video it plays it. It doesnt save it onto my computer however so i was wondering if you could tell me how to make it work - possibly - please. Thank you im sorry ive taken up so much of your time! But thank you for reading this comment! Thanks Val
I have no idea I'm afraid. It won't be to do with oxyshare because it is a site that downloads straight to your computer unless you computer is set up so that nothing can downlaoded and only opened and played instead. I don't know how to change that setting though.
Re: hi by Anonymous :: Expand
Your videos are all really amazing. My best friend and I stayed up all night watching them over and over.

No, seriously. We are just that sad.
lol Wow, thanks for liking them so! XD
Those videos are absolutely fabulous. Have enjoyed them very much, particularly the Chipmunks Christmas one and 'If you were gay'.

Well done!

^____^ Thank you!
Thank you for your help lunaobscura ! Ill try and find out how to change the setting. Thank you again!
Hello, just wanted to say how much i loooove your vids, especially ones with draco in them.:D

As you ask for suggestions, i have always thought 'you and me' by Easyworld would be perfect for H/D, but i sadly lack the know-how to make one, maybe you could *makes puppydog eyes* please?

Cool thanks ^_^ I'll download it and see what i can do XD